ASaP’s professional learning series are interactive sessions building on quality adult learning principles. Aimed to create inclusive early learning and care environments for all children, learning modules enhance the skills and knowledge of early childhood educators to confidently use Pyramid Model practices in their day to day interactions with children, families and their team.

The Pyramid Model

ASaP uses the evidence- based Pyramid Model developed by the Centre on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) as the foundation for our professional learning. Being responsive to Alberta’s local context, ASaP enhanced the Pyramid Model by weaving connections to:

  • Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework, “Flight”
  • Inclusive practices for children with diverse abilities
  • Awareness of cultural diversity
  • Infant and mental health practices

The Pyramid Model is an adult capacity-building model which acknowledges the importance of an effective workforce as the starting foundation for quality inclusive early learning and care programs. Programs receive professional learning on four modules of professional practices that comprise the Pyramid Model.

The content of the workshops was very informative and easy to see how to implement in my own center. I enjoyed all the ways we were given to learn: listening, watching, participating, asking questions