Module 1:
Building Positive Relationships and High-Quality Supportive Environments

This workshop explores our view of children and beliefs about their learning with a focus on the importance of building meaningful relationships with children and families. Participants will also gain insight as to how the environment influences children’s opportunities for participation and engagement.

Module 2:
Targeted Social and Emotional Supports

This workshop focuses on the importance of educators intentionally providing opportunities for children to learn and practice social and emotional skills. This includes practices such as:

  • Promoting positive peer interactions
  • Supporting children in recognizing and identifying feelings
  • Responding to children’s strong emotions to support regulation
  • Guiding children to become independent problem-solvers

Module 3:
Individualized Interventions: Facing the Challenge – A Team Approach

This workshop takes a closer look at challenging behavior – understanding what it might look like, what it communicates and how to respond to it. A process for creating a positive behavior support plan will be introduced.

Module 4:
Leadership Development for Program-Wide Implementation

Participants will discuss the critical elements needed to adopt the Pyramid Model program-wide, including:

  • Developing a Leadership Team
  • Promoting Family Engagement
  • Creating an action plan and strategies for program-wide implementation